Here's a title sequence I had a large part in helping to create for this National Geographic Documentary Film. Creative Direction by non other than Karen Fong with Art Direction from Wes Yang. I loved being involved in the whole process. From designing frames for the pitch to final creative direction and animation. It's always great to work with such an awesome, strong team that is always driven to creatively problem solve while maintaining a visual aesthetic that is pleasing and informative.

 Water & Power: A California Heist
This thrilling investigation uncovers the high-level corruption behind California’s long-standing water crisis. Sweeping cinematography of California’s harsh, dry landscape asks us to visualize a fight for water in what feels like a modern day Chinatown. Filmmaker Marina Zenovich peels back the layers of California’s convoluted water structure—wealthy water barons show their guilty hand in exploiting the state’s resource, while small farmers and neighboring towns endure debilitating drought. We see luxury crops, like almonds, on the rise and groundwater contamination increasing tenfold, pitting backroom business dealings against human and environmental costs.

Cinema 4D | After Effects | Photoshop

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