I work with Spinifex about once a year. Often for concept car reveals and usually for the Detroit Auto Show. Below are a collection of frames I designed which eventually I had to animate for the reveal. Some of these frames never made it to the final show but they were a blast to make. The frames were meant to show off the key features of the IMs vehicle, highlighting what Nissan felt was most important. I also got to experiment with some HUD/Data visualization. Meant to express how the IMs concept car would see the road. How it would detect danger, optimize its movement, and give the driver a safe and enjoyable ride.
*The designs below show the IMs concept car sitting at the top of frame because these animations would be on a large LED screen at the various auto shows with the physical build of the car on stage. This would allow the audience to see the physical car while also seeing the animation call-outs.
Cinema 4D - Redshift | After Effects | Photoshop

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