Another great project delivered and live! I got to work with the awesome people at Elastic on the main titles for HBO's new show, Watchmen. I was in charge of animation for each of the below title sequences. Lead by the insanely talented Paul Mitchell (Creative Director) and Olga Midlenko (Art Direction). Do you know which episode each animation is from?
Client: HBO
Post Production Design Studio: Elastic
Creative Director: Paul Mitchell
Art Director: Olga Midlenko
Designers: Wes Yang, Mert Kizalay, Jason Forrest-Hogg, Curry Tian, Ben Woodlock, Kaya Thomas, Felix Soletic
CG Artists: Kirk Shintani, Andrew Romantz, Michael Cardenas
Animators: Gabriel Perez, Alex Silver
Nuke Compositor: Maciek Sokalski
Producer: James Howell
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Head of Production: Kate Berry
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall
Cinema 4D | Octane Render | After Effects

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